Jolive In an enchanting setting, our restaurant has wonderfully orchestrated world-class steakhouse dishes and luxury service for a unique culinary experience in Kinshasa. Steak House c c x Succumb to the charm of our bar From our delicious food to our wonderful cocktails and multiple beverages, Jolive's offerings are guaranteed to satisfy your every craving. JOLIVE BAR c c A combination of flavors Our professional and creative chef is dedicated to making each of your visits exceptional with wonderful dishes with multiple flavors. Gastronomy c c
Our Story

About us

A magical place in the heart of the city of Kinshasa.
Make your lunches and dinners a gourmet paradise with our menu of inspired dishes. Completely renovated and equipped with the latest technology, the Jolive steakhouse, previously known as Carvao, is now dressed in its finest jacket.
Its executive chef honors Congolese and world cuisine because you are worth it.

Food philosophy

Our products

Our meat and poultry are purely local and supplied by the Ngombe butcher shop whose reputation is undeniable.
Our fish and shellfish, fresh from the majestic Congo River and the Atlantic Ocean of our coasts in Moanda, are at the center of several dishes on our menu.


JOLIVE Steak House,
173 boulevard du 30 juin – Gombe


+243 812 222 463,

Monday to Saturday : 12h to 21H30

Sunday : 12h to 17H00